My name is Nemu.I'm japanese.
I sometimes convey information about Nitro+chiral. But I'm not good at English, so If I make mistakes in my English,please pardon me.

【love】South Park / Nitro+CHiRAL
【My hobby is】
drawing comical pictures / takea picture/travel

6月 27


5月 27


Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

this is the most freaking teaser ever

we now know for sure there’s gonna be a shoe

I am teased as heck


5月 24

I went to the Art Aquarium.

5月 23

If tomorrow’s sunny we will go on a picnic♪( ´▽`)


I’m Feel drowsy.m(_ _)m

I’m here!

I’m here!

5月 7



South Park Color Palettes! // Theme: The Coon Trilogy  // inspired by x


4月 6


4月 4

It’s bad weather today.

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